Examples of Projects

Bristol Healthy Schools

Following extensive feedback from schools, students and teaching staff highlighting the key emotional health and wellbeing issues that impact on years 7-11 students, we have developed a series of teachers resources, lesson plans and evaluation approaches to help students to manage EHW more effectively. Each lesson objectives are  taken from the PSHE Association Curriculum Framework 2014 (updated 2017) and have been developed to: 

  • Deliver age-appropriate skills over the 5 year period
  • Build year-on-year so that individuals learn skills to experience positive mental health during their school time
  • Deliver skills for life so they are better equipped as they move on to further education or work to maintain good mental health

The journey of lessons cover the following key issues: 

Year 7 

  • Relationships
  • Managing Friendships and Relationships
  • Managing Change
  • Being Left Out
  • Social Media and Positive Mental Health
  • End of Year Review and Application of Learning 

Year 8 

  • Physical, Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Managing Peer Pressure
  • Dealing with Loss and Bereavement
  • Sexting and Staying Safe
  • Self-Awareness
  • End of Year Review and Application of Learning

Year 9 

  • Importance of Sleep
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Loss, Separation and Divorce
  • Communication – Online V Face-to-Face
  • Body Image
  • End of Year Review and Application of Learning 

Year 10 

  • Values
  • Meeting and Managing New Relationships
  • Coping with Exam Stress
  • I like You Better on Social Media
  • Balancing Your Time and Reducing Stress
  • End of Year Review and Application of Learning 

Year 11 

  • My Vision, Achieving My Goals
  • Managing Expectations
  • Moving On and Looking Forward
  • Working in a Team
  • Balancing Your Life
  • End of Year Review and Application of Learning
Fire and Rescue Service

Montpellier was chosen to support the Centre for Leadership at the Fire Service College in developing and delivering change across the UK Fire Services from one of fire-fighting to fire prevention through a more proactive customer focused approach. We did this through enhancing the skills of 800 representatives from over 40 FRS through development and delivery of ILM accredited and non-accredited programmes in interpersonal, communication, coaching, leadership and management skills programmes at all levels supported and managed by a FRS tailored version of our online learning portal. We have also supported individual FRS directly. With West Midlands Fire Service, we developed 24 coaching champions to support internal employees utilising the ILM  Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management and developed 120 first line managers in Interpersonal & Communication and Coaching skills, all aimed at developing a culture of coaching within the service. We also worked closely with a consortium of Glos, Wilts and Avon Services in developing a bespoke Coaching programme for 50 managers and accredited it with ILM.


Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

We have been working closely with the FCO since 2005 under continuous framework agreements providing residential psychometric-based assessment and development centres and action planning for global employees at all levels. These supported FCO in its recruitment and selection, promotion, personal development and FastStream approaches.


We have an ongoing contract with Parliament to provide heath, safety and wellbeing consultancy and training, though blended workshop and e-Learning and testing which is delivered though a Parliament version of our learning portal. This supports both Parliamentary employees and MP constituency office employees and covers key areas including Manual Handling and Display Screen Equipment Assessor training.



We have been supporting CITB since 2001 providing consultancy and training internally and externally to develop their people and systems and helping to develop and deliver products and services to support the wider UK construction industry. Internal projects include development and delivery of an integrated competency based performance management system including training linked to pay and non-accredited and ILM accredited coaching, leadership and management programmes to upskill employees at all levels through workshops, workbooks, e-learning and blended approaches. External projects include providing business development training to 200 SME construction businesses in London, marketing sustainable energy efficiency business development training to 70 businesses in Scotland, development of technical training films, e-learning, portals and workbooks to support health and safety, energy efficiency and insulation in domestic properties, businesses information modelling, careers in the construction industry , site safety, toolbox talks, supervisory skills and ILM coaching, leadership and management programmes.


Aptuit are a pharmaceutical services company that delivers early discovery to mid-phase drug development solutions by applying scientific excellence and outstanding service and employing a team of some of the foremost scientific professionals in the industry. To support their scientific skills, they also wanted to develop greater management and leadership skills for their technical people. We developed and delivered a series of 16 key areas through an ILM accredited programme run over an 8 month period which enabled them to practice skills learned in the workplace and demonstrate how they did this effectively through assignment submissions. The workshops were supported by an online learning portal with supporting information, workbooks and assignment uploading facilities.


The FIS is the representative organisation for the Interiors Sector. They provide membership services, best practise training, guidance and advice to member businesses specialising in planning and installation of Partitions, Suspended Ceilings, Ancillary Services and Acoustics. They wanted to enhance and expand their learning and development support services to members and help them maximise business opportunities as well as provide technical training support, all in low-cost, flexible and easily accessible formats. To support these aims, we developed and delivered e-learning versions of their best practise technical training approaches, including online testing in Installation of Partitioning, Introduction to Office Acoustics, Selection and Installation of Suspended Ceilings and Selection and Installation of Top Fixings for Suspended Ceilings. We also developed a series of ILM accredited, and non-accredited standalone management skills modules in workshop, e-Learning and workbook formats including online testing covering key learning areas: Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organisation, Planning Change in the Workplace, Planning and Allocating Work, Writing for Business, Giving Briefings and Making Presentations, Understanding Leadership, Understand how to Establish an Effective Team, Understanding how to Motivate to Improve Performance, Developing Yourself and Others, Understanding Training and Coaching in the Workplace, Understanding Organising and Delegating in the Workplace, Understanding Performance Management, Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace, Understanding Negotiation and Networking in the Workplace, Understanding and Developing Relationships in the Workplace, Understanding how to Manage Contracts and Contractors in the Workplace, Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively,  This enabled members to choose the skills areas they wanted to develop and utilise the formats that best met their business needs. and build their own programme content. All formats and programmes are managed and where appropriate, delivered through an FIS branded version of our learning portal which enabled members to access all learning through PC, Laptop, Tablet and SmartPhone. We also developed and delivered a series of films promoting careers in the sector, benefits of undertaking learning and information on Business Information Modelling.