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4 Key steps to leading and building a successful team
By : Mel Shorting 07/12/2016

Communicate the right thing at the right time. Be quick to praise. Give credit where it is due. Appreciate the work that others have done, be specific, immediate and honest - if you can’t praise the whole job then praise the part you can. Give feedback. Always start with the positive aspects of performance. If things need to change, be specific, seek other’s opinions and encourage th...

6 way to identify the skills gaps in your organisation
By : Mel Shorting 25/11/2016

PEST analysis to identify potential changes in the organisations environment; the Political, Environmental, Social and Technical (PEST) drivers for change. With these in mind – what knowledge, skills and capabilities will be required, why and by when; can these be developed or should they be brought in? SWOT analysis to consider the organisation’s strengths so they can b...

Mentoring, Training and Coaching – what’s the difference?
By : Mel Shorting 10/11/2016

Mentoring is usually and informal relationship between 2 people where there is no obligation on either party. It is usually formed out of mutual respect in a professional association. Mentors give advice, guidance and support Mentors are often more senior and more experienced and can offer opportunities and networking connections to the mentee that would otherwise be out of reach. The mentori...